Self-Tanner 101: Tips, Product Deats, and Hacks!

It's almost that time of year! SPRING is around the corner and I don't know about you but I can't wait for sundresses, sunshine, and enjoying the outdoors. Spring-break and vacations are about to be in full swing and that means it's time for a bronze glow.

If you're fair skinned like me you may already use self tanner on a weekly basis and are a complete pro at achieving a Mediterranean glow. However, if you are new to tanning and completely lost, have no fear I am here to HELP.

First, I would like to put out there to try and stay away from tanning beds. Girl, there is no shame to this, I've been there. In college I would tan like every other day and it was glorious haha. But.... and this is a BIG but, it's so BAD for you. I eventually had to stop because the lights were drying out my eyes (even though I wore goggles) and it was super painful. I won't go through all the bad stuff that can be caused by beds but, trust me if you want to prevent cancer and wrinkles just stay AWAY!

Now, on to more important things. What products should I use? How well do they work? And how to I achieve the best tan without looking orange or getting weird sweat lines? I'm going to answer all of these questions by giving you a few options.


First, I am going to start with my all time favorite self-tanner and tool the Bronze Babe Spray Tan Kit, by MINETAN. I got this as a gift for Christmas from my sweet husband and it's fantastic. This kit comes with the Spray Tool, which is a hand held spray tan machine, a mitt and tanning mist. After you spray you can shower (rinse not scrub with soap) in 1-4 hours which is awesome because I am not a fan of sleeping with self-tanner. The kit comes with the spray tan mist, Absolute X20 Pro Spray Mist which is considered dark but it looked great on my skin tone which has yellow undertones. Next time I order I am going to try a different color, just to experiment.


This self-tanner works amazing and gives you an even/long lasting color. While wait time is a little more, 8-10 hours, this spray doesn't have a strong order and is relatively inexpensive. The Fake Bake product I use is the Flawless Self-Tanning Liquid but they do have a lot of other options one being a 60min tanning solution. Included with Flawless Self-Tanning Liquid you also get a mitt for easy application and the spray itself lasts for a long time. With this one I usually apply before I go to bed and sleep nude. Yes, you may sweat off a little color on your sheets but don't worry this comes out with a wash. This is perfect for a beginner because the color isn't necessarily as noticeable as it is with a spray tan, more like a glow. Fake bake is available online and at Ulta.


These products will keep your glow continuing throughout the week! I use drugstore self-tanners to keep my glow going strong. However, if you are new and nervous about the color, I would recommend starting with a drug store/superstore product. My favorite self-tanner drugstore products are Jergens Natural Glow and Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer (in shower tanner). This is a color building tanning solution that gives you a steady glow (so you wont see the difference over night). This product is exactly like a lotion so no need to wait and wash. I use it every night as my moisturizer and it smells great! The in shower Wet Skin is another product I use along side the moisturizer. If you are not using any other products I would definitely use both together and go with the darkest shade (when dealing with gradual tanner more is better).


Perfect for date night or an event that you're attending and no time to prepare. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs and Body Makeup Spray is my life saver! It's not a ton of color but gives your legs a subtle glow and covers up flaws (i.e. bruises or veins) I only use this for last minute situations but it's perfect for a night out. Little tip make sure to get a shade that matches your tone, remember this basically makeup. Also, be careful when applying because it can get a little messy. You can find this at any drugstore or superstore, I got mine at Walgreens.


I have a few tricks and hacks for the beginner tanner that I believe to be very helpful.

-First, exfoliate! I use a loofah and a scrub that has grit. Exfoliating is the best to get rid of dead/dry skin areas and old remnants of tanner.

-Second before you tan use a base coat self tanner. I use CT Maximizer Prep Spray I purchased this at my local Sun Tan City. I am also looking for another primer (comment if you have recs.) Priming your skin is very important to really get the best quality tan. Moisturizing gives the skin an even base to start with before applying color (similar to makeup primer).

-Third, I always use Vaseline on my hands, elbows, feet, and cuticles. This prevents orange tone due to the roughness of skin in these particular areas.

-Lastly, BABY POWDER. Ya'll this one always surprises people and I can't believe more people don't know this trick. Baby powder absorbs sweat so i'ts perfect for the areas that you may sweat off when waiting to shower. If you sweat in these areas your tanner can leave massive streaks and no one wants that! I place the powder on all of my body's creases such as behind the knees, under the bottom, on the bend of my arm and under my chest. I also place powder between my thighs, on my neck, and where my pants would lay.

Well, there you have it all my tips, tricks, and product info that should help you achieve that perfect summer glow! If you have any questions make sure to comment below or reach out to me on Instagram. =)


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