"Oh,You Fancy, Huh?"-How to look expensive on a Budget

What's up friends?! What a wonderful week it has been and I'm feeling good today. Probably because I'm leaving for the beach in just a few days!! I may be showing my age with this title, an ode to my college Drake days. Anyway...the point of today's post is how to look oh so fancy on a budget.

I don't know about you but I am absolutely in love with designers. Bags, purses, shoes, and even hair accessories. My wish-list box is full of so many designers that I know I'll never buy (maybe one day) but a girl can dream can't she? Well ladies there is a way to DUPE everyone with a few little secrets.

All you need are a few CHEAP designer pieces or a few items that are inspired and you can fool anyone into thinking your outfit is worth way more than your Target budget.

First to start, invest in one designer bag or statement piece such as a Gucci belt or Tory Burch crossbody (if you are in East TN there is a Tory Burch and Kate Spade outlet in Pigeon Forge). These can be somewhat pricey but that's where you trick everyone. Yea, my belt may be $350 bucks but the rest of my ensemble is only $50. You can also buy a brooch from a designer and pin it to your scarf or hat (instant upgrade from your cute hat you bought at Target). When investing in a designer piece, and I say investing because that's exactly what it is, choose something that is classic and won't go out of style for a while and the trendy items buy cheap. -----You can also get great deals on Poshmark

Now, you may be saying Kate I can't spend $350 on a belt! (were friends, you can call me Kate now) Don't worry girl I got you! You honestly don't even really need a designer to look fancy. There are so many ways around this. Before I continue I would be careful with"fakes" logos that look similar to the designer but are a little off. There are some good ones out there but some can look obvious and this can do the complete opposite of what you are trying to accomplish, especially if it looks obvious.

I have gathered up a few of my favorite Dupes I want to share with you today and of course all will be linked on my LIKETOKNOW.IT and I'll include a "shop link" at the bottom with direct links to each site.

Gucci Inspired Head Band

I bought this headband at a local boutique and its by the brand Story by Davinci. This brand is a whole sale so i couldn't link but Amazon has a similar headband.

-Top is from Target

Chanel Pearl Inspired Earrings

-Earrings purchased at Target

Gucci Inspired Belt

Some of these styles are unavailable but I added similar looks

-Belt purchased at Forever21 - Denim purchased at American Eagle - Sweater purchased at Target

Louis Vuitton Never Full Inspired

Top purchased at Target - Joggers purchased at Target - Denim jacket purchased at Target - Never Full Inspired Tote purchased at Amazon - Delsey Suitcase purchased at Amazon

Louis Vuitton Pattern Clutch/Shoulder

-Top purchased at American Eagle - Skirt purchased at Forever 21

Golden Goose Inspired

(These are on my list to buy ya'll!)

-Top purchased at American Eagle - Skirt purchased at For

Hope these looks inspire you to create your own and unique outfit or put together the exact same look. I had so much fun putting this post together and sharing my knowledge of fashion with you. Remember you are beautiful and have fun with your style, use it as a way to express yourself. I hope you enjoy and make sure to subscribe or leave a comment.

Kate -xoxox



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